What is Executive Coaching?

The objective of executive coaching is to focus in on accelerating the learning process and developmental phases such that enhancement in the performance of your current and future leaders can attained. Executive coaching is a program tailored to the executive designated by you. This executive will work on one-on- one bases with our experienced executive coach who will individualize the program in an effort to empower the executive in becoming an effective leader. By concentrating on learning attitudes and changes in the mind-set, this process will ultimately maximize the potential value of the leader as an asset to the organization. Ultimately, increasing the executive’s potential favorable impact on your company and business results. 


The dynamics of executive coaching Is bounded by an equilateral triangle linking the client organization, the individual executive (coachee), and the executive coach. This triangle defines the shared purpose, trust, mutual respect, confidentiality, and equality within the tripartite that is essential to the program’s success.

The executive coach guides the coachee in defining, developing and implementing their personal strategy for success. While a great deal of focus and energy will be brought to bear in formulating the strategy, the individual will ultimately be the architect of his own destiny.


When is Executive Coaching Best? 

In today’s corporate environment change is the only constant where growth and success is defined by ones ability to deal with the ever-present change. In this dynamic setting we have learned that at predictable junctures or milestones the coaching function becomes relevant:

  • When a leader is transitioning into a new position

  • When a leader is assuming greater or different responsibility

  • When a leader is facing a particularly difficult time

  • When a leader has to initiate a major change

Executive coaches are not for the meek. They’re for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common, it’s that they are ruthlessly results-oriented
— Fast Company

Program Overview

Our experienced executive coaches will listen and understand his clients – moreover he will energize, excite, challenge and to push the limits of his client in order that he is primed for the potential for greater achievements.

By bonding with his client executive, the executive coach will develop trust through which he can affect the broadening of the executive’s capacity for interpersonal skills and enhancement of their leadership mind-set. In this process, our executive coaches set the motion for long-term impact beneficial to the organization.

A study featured in Public Personnel Management Journal reports that managers that underwent a managerial training program showed an increased productivity of 22.4%. However, a second group was provided coaching following the training process and their productivity increased by 88%.
— F. Turner, Ph.D.
Business leaders are finally realizing what sports experts have known for years: individualized attention from an expert is the only way to unlock a person’s full ability.
— D. Logan, PhD., & J. King
I was surprised how quickly my business writing has improved during the 2 days workshop. It is excellent training with a very professional trainer.
— – Financial Services, Hong Kong
Business leaders are finally realizing what sports experts have known for years: individualized attention from an expert is the only way to unlock a person’s full ability.
— – D. Logan, PhD., & J. King

Training Formats

How you choose to train is just as important as the topic being chose in order to ensure strong ROI. At LAM Institute all of your sessions are available in multiple styles to meet your learning and budget needs:

Standard Formats



The global training standard, available in half day, full day or 2 day sessions, this format is good for larger groups of 16 to 24 participants, especially those with mixed ability or seniority levels. 


When time or buy-in is a factor, 90 mins to 2 hour express sesions are a great way to cover a few key learning points in highly motivated short intensive with groups up to 24. 

LAM Institute Specialty Formats



A balanced mix of morning whole group intensive (3 hours, up to 16 delegates), and afternoon small group/one-on-one sessions for personal attention and feedback. MIF delivers the strongest ROI of any group session. 


Ideal for busy executives, 3-2-1 combines a 3 hour group intensive training session (to develop a common language and build and assess core strengths, followed by small group and individual coaching follow-ups to drive home key areas for growth. An ideal mix of time/value for busy top executives. 


LAM Institute uses Emergenetics as the main tool of assessing your profile. Emergenetics is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use regularly. They were identified by reviewing research from a wide body of academic literature covering personality, psychology, and neuroscience. These results were then subjected to rigorous statistical analysis.

On a practical level, the Emergenetics Profile represents a clear framework of seven easily recognizable and useful factors that apply to work, communication, and interpersonal relationships. These include:


Meeting of the Minds Workshop

As a supporting tool, we host Workshops in support of the Emergenetics assessment called Meeting of the Minds. The essence of the workshop remains the same globally, so no matter where you go, you will always get the same Emergenetics experience: simple to understand, easy to use, fully engaging and fun.

The Meeting of the Minds workshop is used as a talent development platform in a corporate or organizational environment by empowering individuals and setting the tone for a positive culture. We customize the workshop to meet organizational development needs including, leadership, personal development, team building and communication.

Through the Meeting of the Minds Workshop, you will:

  • Understand self and others
  • Communicate more effectively 
  • Understand others' perception of you
  • Make better decisions 
  • Value your gifts
A unique experience- taking this program completely changed my perspective on leadership and helped me not only organize teams, but also my study habits. I recommend this program to any teen!
— Charles Kim, Chief Presiding Officer- Hong Kong International School
The increase in my confidence and speaking has been amazing!
— Oliver Dudden, Hong Kong International School

The Challenge for Youth Today

Getting a good job, or into a good university, these days is more competitive than ever. Our Youth Leadership Asia program, managed by LAM Institute, takes you to the top. We've trained the leaders of today, and now we're training youth to become the leaders of tomorrow.

YLA covers 3 growth areas: Strengths, Communications and Teamwork . Our Summer Intensive courses takes place over 3 days with activities run as small and large group discussions, role plays, video taping, simulations and lots and lots of practice. We combine top trainers, an all English environment, and the latest techniques, into sessions that are fun and effective. All of our classes are held in world-class facilities at the American Club in beautiful Hong Kong. Parents will also get their turn in a special evening session in July/August.

Core Programs


At YLA we are licensed to provide Emergenetics assessments to help you understand your strengths through thinking preferences and behaviors. We train these hidden abilities through activities to enable you to maximize your results.


Worried about your speaking ability? We offer cutting-edge programs to overcome your fears and release your voice. In an all-English environment, you'll learn how to give impromptu and prepared talks: perfect preparation for interviews, class, or tests.


Today's universities, and corporations require more than just technical skills. Your ability to work effectively as a team member is now more important than ever. Our role-plays and collaborative exercises will perfect your leadership and team building skills.