In addition to our proprietary programs, LAM Institute has been certified by and partnered with a number of best-in-class programs and assessment protocols from around the globe.  

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Dynamic leadership building programs designed to assess and improve leaders at all levels of your organization.

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Improve your impromptu and prepared speaking, increase the power of your writing, and get your message across.

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Going beyond simple selling: ahigh impact and interactive business solution especially designed for sales teams.


Licensed Programs

In addition to our proprietary programs, LAM Institute has been certified by and partnered with a number of best-in-class programs and assessment protocols from around the globe. We are licensed to deliver the following at your organization:

Storytelling for leaders

How to influence, engage and inspire with stories.

You’ll be more engaging as a leader because you’ll be sharing real-life examples of the purposeful, important work that you and your colleagues do.

  • Making a connection and engaging employees
  • Instilling core values and cultivating an effective culture
  • Helping colleagues to think differently and overcome entrenched views
Storytelling for sales

How to connect, influence and sell with stories.

Sellers will learn how to use their own stories as well as stories from their company to establish rapport, build credibility, demonstrate value and ask for the business.

  • A longer, more-trusted relationship with your buyer
  • A faster sale because the buyer is emotionally engaged in the process
  • More sellers operating at the star-performer level.
Think on your feet

A practical workshop on how to structure your ideas to speak concisely and persuasively:

  • to answer questions on the spot.
  • to explain complex ideas clearly.
  • to be more persuasive.
  • to get to the point quickly.
  • to be remembered.

Examines the mechanics of how to deliver a presentation. We focus on how others see you, with special emphasis on:

  • How to organize your presentation
  • Polishing Performance Skills- Voice, Eye Contact, Gestures, Posture, Stance.
  • Preparing Dynamic Visuals

Today's readers are overloaded; they have no time, and at best, skim-read. Our three-part writing system helps you:

  • PLAN using creative and structured thinking;
  • DRAFT in record time and
  • EDIT for impact.

A seminar where executives, managers, HR professionals and leaders learn crucial coaching skills and competencies. Individuals gain an in-depth understanding of the coaching process.


The Emergenetics Profile is a unique tool that provides a clear window into the way you think and behave. The Emergenetics Profile is a scientifically-based, statistically accurate instrument that outlines your personality in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand format.


Designed by the authors of Smarter Selling in conjunction with renowned learning and education specialist Simon Fitzgeorge, workshops are the most popular option for introducing IOWEU approaches to new audiences. Workshops cater to participants in both external and internal facing roles.


Client Programs

We are privileged and honored to be accredited by our clients to deliver their own internal training and development programs. 

Customized Programs

The LAM Institute custom designs programs to fit the business needs and talent requirements of our clients. 


For over two decades, Gregory Burns has inspired companies and

individuals to overcome challenges and re-engage their creativity through dynamic interactive presentations and workshops. Gregory believes that polio, and other roadblocks thrown in his path, motivated him to set five world records in swimming during three Paralympic Games before transitioning into IronMan competitions.

An environmentalist and naturalist at heart, he has trekked many of the world’s highest mountains from California to India. During his Keynotes, Gregory speaks about developing an internal dialogue, which helps us to work through adversity and uncertainty in order to carry on and triumph.