A unique experience- taking this program completely changed my perspective on leadership and helped me not only organize teams, but also my study habits. I recommend this program to any teen!
— Charles Kim, Chief Presiding Officer- Hong Kong International School
The increase in my confidence and speaking has been amazing!
— Oliver Dudden, Hong Kong International School

The Challenge for Youth Today

Getting a good job, or into a good university, these days is more competitive than ever. Our Youth Leadership Asia program, managed by LAM Institute, takes you to the top. We've trained the leaders of today, and now we're training youth to become the leaders of tomorrow.

YLA covers 3 growth areas: Strengths, Communications and Teamwork . Our Summer Intensive courses takes place over 3 days with activities run as small and large group discussions, role plays, video taping, simulations and lots and lots of practice. We combine top trainers, an all English environment, and the latest techniques, into sessions that are fun and effective. All of our classes are held in world-class facilities at the American Club in beautiful Hong Kong. Parents will also get their turn in a special evening session in July/August.

Core Programs


At YLA we are licensed to provide Emergenetics assessments to help you understand your strengths through thinking preferences and behaviors. We train these hidden abilities through activities to enable you to maximize your results.


Worried about your speaking ability? We offer cutting-edge programs to overcome your fears and release your voice. In an all-English environment, you'll learn how to give impromptu and prepared talks: perfect preparation for interviews, class, or tests.


Today's universities, and corporations require more than just technical skills. Your ability to work effectively as a team member is now more important than ever. Our role-plays and collaborative exercises will perfect your leadership and team building skills.